Lesley Dabson             lesleydabson.co.uk Lesley Dabson       lesleydabson.co.uk Archive of Sold Work 2 All work copyright Lesley Dabson 2008-2019 All rights reserved Lesley Dabson RBSA      'The Picket Fence' 'Evening Light' 20 x 25cm 'Safely Secure' 20 x 25cm 'The Old Boat, Lyon Wharf' 20 x 25cm 'Looking Back' 20 x 25cm 'The Harbour, St Ives' 20 x 20cm 'A Quiet Corner' 20 x 25cm 'At the Jetty's End' 20 x 25 'Burano Reflections' 25 x 20cm 'The White Dinghy, Salcombe' 20 x 25cm 'Sunrise, Valley of the Kings' 20 x 25cm 'The Picket Fence' 'The Blue Boat, St Ives' 20 x 20cm 'Moored' 20 x 25cm 'Dusk' 20 x 25cm 'Nile Fishermen' 36 x 46cm 'Harbour View' 20 x 25cm '2 White Boats' 20 x 25cm